Meet our team of experts and professionals is comprised of a group of dedicated professional people offering years of experience and knowledge.
Jim Jordan– President Co-owner/ Motivational Speaker/ Entertainer/ Author
Bullying Expert - Certified by the Dept of Health and Human Services, Mental Health Academy & St. Johns Ambulance. Jim has over 20 years of child development experience, host of TV show called The Jimbo Show. He was voted best entertainer 12 years in a row by reader’s choice awards in the GTA/ Crises intervention trainer and Author of “Plug the Tub, Bullying it's time for a paradigm shift, be a super hero and stop teasing me!

 Kim Clark-Advisor
Behavior Intervention Trainer, Kim is recognized as one of Canada’s leading bullying intervention advisors for corporations, organizations and schools.

Abbas Haroon- Reporting system - Tracking system co-ordinator
Abbas is the responsible for our report online systems and tracking systems.

Lucy Jordan– Co-owner/ Program Coordinator/ Administration/ Marketing/Advisor
Over 15 years in Customer service as an Advertising Sales Representative for a local newspaper, background in Nursing and on-going administrative duties/ costume design for a home based entertainment business at corporate functions and birthday parties for over 20 years plus script writing/ costume design/ set design for the TV show “Jimbo Show".
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