Boys vs Girls
5 Ways That Boys and Girls Bully Differently

1. Boys are more likely than girls to display bullying behavior through physical intimidation. Girls bully by lashing out verbally more than physically. They leave other girls out of their circle and spread rumors by gossiping.
2. When boys bully, they bully girls as well as other boys. Girls usually bully other girls.
3. Boys tend to bully openly, making it easier to spot. Girls disguise their bullying and act out in more passive aggressive ways. Because of this, girl-on-girl bullying is harder to spot. The majority of researchers think that boys bully more than girls, but more recent studies suggest that adults simply have a harder time recognizing when girls bully.
4. Experts believe that boys are more likely to cyber-bully as well. Girls who are cyber-bullied are more likely to report the bullying to adults than their male peers.
5. Girls report more positive opinions of how their teacherís handle bullying. Boys are more likely to think that their teachers are doing a poor job in responding to bullying problems.

5 Ways That Boys and Girls Bully The Same

1. Both genders can bully in the form of racist, sexist or homophobic remarks.
2. Bullying by both boys and girls is harmful and can lead to depression, body image issues, and low self-esteem.
3. According to psychologist and bullying expert Evelyn Field, bullies and targets of bullies often have undeveloped assertive communication skills. Assertive communication is the open expression of your needs, desires, thoughts and feelings. It involves speaking up for your own needs while also respecting the needs of others.
4. Both male and female bullies often turn on their friends.
5. Bullying usually occurs amongst younger teens and pre-teens and usually begins to fade by the later teen years. Later primary and middle school years are the crucial years to be aware of bullying.
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