Parenting Night Information
Thank you for attending the parents’ anti-bullying keynote presentation. We hope you enjoyed the experience and that you learned some new concepts on parenting. We also hope that we expanded your understanding of your role as a parent in reducing bullying and violence in your child’s school.

With all the information that was given, it’s not easy to remember everything. We’ve developed this website to review the presentation and guide you through the areas of what was discussed.

If you have any questions about this website please don't hesitate and email us anytime at
Motivate your child
Three listening areas
Don't Panic
School policies
Kids see - Kids do
What parents can do
Aggressive or Assertive
What is bullying?
Parenting night info
About Us
Cyber bullying
My child is a bully
Speak up PLEASE!
Boys vs Girls
Bullying Statistics
Teasing vs. Taunting