School Anti Bullying Policies
Having a few paragraghs about bullying on your schools website is not exceptable for a schools policies and procedure when it comes to bullying.

Parents should remain vigilant and understand school policies regarding bullying. If you go onto your schools website there should be the policies and procedures there for you to print off. If you can't find it, contact the school and ask for them to mail you a copy.

Parents must keep communication flowing between them and their children, teachers, and staff and if parents have concerns they must contact their school immediatly.

Parents must continue to be a positive role model in any setting and refrain from using foul language or "put-downs.

Parents need to discuss what actions the school takes over bullying and what the school actually regards as bullying.

At we can offer your school a student behavior tracking system to track bullying, bad behavior and good character. for more information on this please contact us and we'll send you all the information.
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