Bullying Statistics
160,000 sudent miss school everyday due to the fear of bullying.

15% of absenteesium is directly related to the fear of being bullied.

High school incidents not dropping with a 15 per cent reporting one to three bullying incidents in the last month and 3.4 per cent 10 times or more.

23 per cent of elementary students reported being bullied one to three times in the last month bullying statistics say.

Recent bullying statistics admit that half of all bullying incidents go unreported.

100,000 students carry a gun to school bullying statistics say.

In a recent study, 77% of the students said they had been bullied. And 14% of those who were bullied said they experienced severe (bad) reactions to the abuse.
According to Bullying Statistics, thirty-two percent of parents fear for their child’s physical safety when the child is at school. Thirty-nine percent of parents with a child in grade six or higher are more likely to say they fear for their child’s safety. Twenty-two percent of parents whose children are in grade five or lower fear for their child’s safety. (Parents Not Overly Concerned About School Environments for Their Children, Gallup News Service, 2001)
A poll of teens ages 12-17 proved that they think violence increased at their schools

282,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools each month.

Stats from the National Institutes of Health
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