Teasing vs.Taunting
Teasing: When someone teases another person it is usually done between friends. Itís more of a joking comment and there is no intention of hurting your friendís feelings. The laughter is with the person not at the person and the moment they realize that what they said hurt their friends feelings they stop. Now that is not bullying. There is no imbalance of power, no intent to harm and no threat of further aggression.

Taunting: When someone taunts another person it is intended to hurt their feelings, they want to take their dignity and self esteem away. The laughter is at the victim/target not with them and the moment they realize that what they are saying is hurting their feelings, they donít stop. They do it over and over again.

With Taunting there is an imbalance of power, intended to harm and a threat of further aggression. All three indicators are present with taunting and not one indicator is present with teasing.
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